Strategic Capability of Peaceful Humans

Dear Friends on our Freedom Front,

We are having such beautiful successes all over Earth, as those governments sustained by force—rather than reason—topple one after the other.  It is a good game of freedom dominoes, is it not?

We have such a brilliant opportunity for Global Coordination through the internet.  I hope more of us join together in voluntary cooperative efforts, with each of us a teacher and a student at the same time, as is what thinking humans, in fact, are.
For starters:
It is time we got our memes and messages more tightly coordinated and globally shared, and time we make strategic plans to speak on specific subjects using the most effective memes and themes we are able to devise in these Human languages.  Here’s some I have been developing, and please share yours here in the comments, and I will get them up on this site.  This site is for our cooperative thinking.
1) we are all peaceful dissidents, actively protesting and peacefully acting against the global violations of human rights by oppressive and violent government agents all around Earth—here in Montana USA and elsewhere—in many cultures, religions, and Human races;

2) we are all peaceful, thinking people, trying to find peaceful ways to restore law and order to a planet wracked by extreme criminal elements who operate under the aegis of all governments which initiate violence against their masters and and employers;

3) we are all peaceful people, concerned—and publicly expressing our concerns—about all the corruption in all levels of government, which we are learning more about daily;

4) we are all peaceful people, working together to peacefully resolve the contradictions of inherent corruption in all the justice system, military, and legislative and executive branches of any government which sustains itself through the use of  violence;

5) as peaceful people, we are deeply curious to find resolution to those Human contradictions which limit Humans finding peaceful ways to end the use of force against harmless, peaceful people—as is demonstrated daily by government agents all around the Earth;

6) we are working on sharing with each other the means to implement peaceful solutions to end government corruption and violations of human rights;

7) we are peacefully working to restore to ourselves social contracts that protect—rather than violate—our human rights, whereever we live on this Earth;

I think it is time to let everyone know that we all work to replace government by force with government by reason.

I think these are good memes for us all to use consistently, as we take back such terms as peaceful, lawful, human rights, restoration of law and order, and peace.  I think it is time we let everyone know that we are intellectuals who are using our minds and thinking to develop effective, peaceful tools for protecting the human rights of everyone.
We all have great minds, and we can win this by peaceful means.  We must not let the power-damaged government tyrants steal our language and turn it against peace and lawfulness and human rights.
Remember as well, this is a Global Freedom Front, and we are part of a sea change of evolutionary transformation toward freedom and justice, with new cooperative and voluntary forms of governance the likes of which this young human species has not witnessed on a grand scale.

We are doing this: we are a part of the catalyst for this remarkable, wonderful, peaceful change.
I want to be as effective as I am able to be, using peaceful tools to effect remarkable reformations toward human liberty, don’t you?
It is time for us, we the People of Peace, to continue and accomplish the reformation of governments in to cooperative, voluntary social institutions based on human rights and free markets.  We owe this legacy to our children, grandchildren, and to the Earth.  Now is the time.

How can we better coordinate our work so that we are all more effective in our social engineering and meme introduction into the cultural fabric?
It is really time to step up our game toward peace.  The new FIJA Fresh Air brochure is getting a lot of good attention.  I am working on more for use in several places on the internet.  Let’s keep it up, and imbed the above and other memes so that we can gain and hold the moral high ground in this contest.  We have the minds to do it.  Please share your memes here, so that we may all share and coordinate our voluntary, peaceful efforts.

I think—don’t you?—that there are now enough of us, that if we launched an organized, cooperative, systematic, peaceful information deluge on Earth, that we can succeed in Peace on Earth.  I really think we can do it.

Is this not our time?

Don’t we have the social engineering skills, the meme placement capabilities, and a strategic capability to undertake a campaign of Global Human Rights against government by force?

Don’t we have the peaceful knowledge, the trained minds, and the networks of other capable people presently in place to launch this Global Initiative for Peace and cooperation?

Isn’t it about time?

I think we can do it.  And let’s get on with it, please, so we can have a peaceful Earth and go play with building some real space colonies.  I think we can do this Peace on Earth in a few months if we set out minds to it, don’t you?

Cogito, ergo armo, indeed.

iloilo 22 april 2011

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